So Far, Software Cannot Automate the Proposal Process

I just sat through another webinar with a software platform claiming to automate the proposal compliance matrix process.  You know the claims: "In the click of a button, you have your compliance matrix!" 

After a decade of reviewing these products and hoping they will actually lessen the time it takes to "shred" the solicitation, I have found we still need a human to do it.  Why? Because relying on finding keywords like shall, must, include, etc. will NOT catch every submission requirement. I've checked the outputs from these platforms and they miss requirements that are in unusual places, i.e., outside of sections L, M and C.  For example, Key Personnel requirements are sometimes listed in Section H Contract Requirements. If you're relying on keywords, and that clause doesn't actually include any of them, well, you know...non-compliance.  

I have always been willing to pit (Wo)Man versus Machine. My 18 years of experience creating Compliance Matrices against the machine - any takers?  

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Hi Shannon! I just began a new job as a Proposal Manager and I’m anxiously awaiting your course on compliance matrices. I took your class on Udemy. Any other classes available soon? THANKS!!

Kimberly A Green

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