Should You (Can You) Bid the Upcoming GSA Services MAC?

(11 June 2022)  There are certain GSA GWACs and Schedules that are true game changers for small companies. GSA OASIS was/is one of those. The follow-on GWAC for OASIS, the Services Multiple Award Schedule (MAC) coming from the Office of Professional Services and Human Capital (PSHC), will also be one of these. GSA has changed the name of the new MAC a couple of times and it might be renamed again before the final solicitation is released but for now it is the Service MAC (the SMAC! Love it!). The Services MAC Program will consist of six separate MA-IDIQ contracts designated for 8(a), Total Small Business, WOSB, SDVOSB, HubZone, and unrestricted.  GSA PSHC has been releasing RFIs and draft solicitation sections for over a year now which you can find on GSA Interact ( ) and also on 

The question for many small businesses right now is whether they can qualify as a prime.  The answer is pretty straight forward as GSA PSHC will use the self-scoring and document verification evaluation method for this one.  You should start assessing your viability as soon as possible! The good news is that in May 2022 GSA PSHC released a draft self-scoring sheet, Section C and Section L and M.  This is all you will need to start scoring your company's Qualifying Projects (QP) and Federal Experience Projects (FEPs). 

A good rule of thumb on a viable score is somewhere in the 75th to 100th percentile of total points. However, the set-aside category does influence the competitive range. For example, HUBZone companies will have a significantly smaller competition pool than 8(a) (full of Joint Ventures), so you can score lower and likely still be in the award range.  

The final solicitation is projected for early 2023. So FPEX recommends you take the following actions ASAP:

1.  Join the GSA Interact Community for the Services MAC (link above).

2.  Download all the RFI and draft solicitation documents released.

3.  Read carefully through the documents and start gathering and scoring your contracts to determine if you can prime and/or if you will need to build a team to get maximum points; OR, determine that you cannot prime, and find a strong team to join.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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