We can train you and your team to prepare a compliant, winning proposal.

The Federal Proposal Experts provides high quality proposal and business development workshops that small businesses can afford. Comparable workshops with other proposal companies range from $950 to $1,500 per person.  While we understand that the knowledge gained by proposal professionals is hard-won, The Federal Proposal Experts believes most  proposal workshops are too expensive for small businesses -- the people that need the training the most! So, we keep our overhead low and offer affordable workshops that are just as valuable (if not more so!). We offer the following options:

  • Private Workshops:  Conducted with only your staff either at your office/facility or at The Federal Proposal Experts office in Alexandria.  
  • Public Workshops: We offer quarterly public  workshops at The Federal Proposal Experts classroom in Alexandria, VA for $125.00 per person. 

To schedule a workshop, contact us at contact@fedproposalexperts.com and we’ll have our consultants call you to work out the details.  Or, you can watch our Facebook page to see when our next public workshop is scheduled.


Workshop Title and Length Curriculum Overview Advanced Notice Needed

Flat Fee

(See above for participant limits)

Building and Managing a Federal Sales Pipeline (A Practical Approach)

Length: 4 hours

This workshop is a fast-paced discussion of a step-by-step approach to building and managing a Federal Sales Pipeline. This course is useful for owners and business development professionals. Topics covered:

  • The Federal Procurement Sales Cycle
  • Business Development Lifecycle
  • Discussion about the Importance of 5 Year Strategic Plans
  • Finding Opportunities
  • How to Use a Bid Scoring Worksheet
  • A Methodology for Revenue Forecasting
  • How to Calculate P-Win (Probability of Win)
  • Understanding your Pipeline Data
  • Included:  A Pipeline Management Workbook Tool (Excel file)
14 Day Lead Time

$450 flat fee

(up to 16 participants.)

Proposal Manager in Training

Length: 3 hours
This workshop is targeting those who are performing in the role of Proposal Manager in their companies.  This is a short course on how to manage the schedule, writers, and subcontractors. Heavy emphasis on how to ensure a compliant proposal.  We will cover and practice:
  • Shredding the Solicitation Documents
  • Preparing and Using a Compliance Matrix 
  • The critical roles for a functional proposal team
  • Managing the technical inputs from writers so they are usable and provided on schedule
  • Desktop publishing tips for a professional-looking submission

14 Days Lead Time


$375 flat fee

(limited to 16 participants)

Proposal Writing in 8 Steps

Length: 4 hours

Most subject matter experts do not enjoy writing proposal content. But it does not have to be a painful process marked by staring at a blank page wondering what to write. We have an 8-step process for writing compliant, compelling proposal content. Anyone can follow it! Workshop topics covered:

  • Proposal Process Overview
  • How to Read an RFP for the Important Parts
  • Planning Your Proposal Content
  • Using a Compliance Matrix
  • Getting Your Proposal into the Winnable Pile
  • Scoring Maximum Evaluation Points
  • Planning Section Content
  • Writing Your Proposal
  • Understanding How Proposal Language is Different than Normal Language
  • Giving Them What They Want
  • An 8-Step Process for Writing Any Proposal Section
  • Writing Demonstration and Participant Practice
14 Days Lead Time

$450 flat fee

(limited to 16 participants)