(August 6, 2016)  If you are registered in SAM.gov, you probably get spam emails offering easy ways to win Federal contracts. BEWARE THESE SNAKE OIL SALESMEN! There is no easy way to win Federal contracts, and if these companies say they have lists of opportunities that no one else has, they are misrepresenting. All Federal opportunities, with the exception of classified work, are open source to the public. You just have to do your research using agency forecasts and FBO.gov. We see a lot of spam from companies offering to help us win GSA Schedules. They promise the money will come pouring in after you win a Schedule. Not true. You still need to submit compliant, competitive proposals. You can do it, but it is hard work. The good news is that once you win, you have years of reliable revenue.

Written by Shaanon Lindauer — September 06, 2016

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