(July 14, 2020)  If you are an 8(a) and are working on your proposal response for 8(a) STARS III, you might already have figured out that GSA made this one quite a bit easier than STARS II.  That said, you still need to focus on a 100% compliant submission.  To help you with that, I have created some useful checklists and boilerplate sections to make your life easier.  So, instead of spending thousands of $$ on a proposal consultant, check out our robust and reasonably-priced STARS III templates and checklists in the Proposal Templates page of our website.   You'll find the following templates:

  • Professional Employee Compensation Plan
  • Uncompensated Overtime Policy
  • Easy to Use Compliance Checklist
  • FREE preliminary assessment worksheet to see if you are qualified to bid as a STARS III prime.

If you have quick questions on anything we offer, or just need someone to answer something simple about 8A STARS III, email me at slindauer@fedproposalexperts.com.

Written by Shannon Lindauer — July 14, 2020

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