(Aug. 22, 2015) Whew! Nothing gets my blood boiling like someone trying to take advantage of small businesses and their earnest desire to grow. When you registered on sam.gov, you became a target for these "offers" to get Federal contracts and GSA Schedules fast and easy. I just got one of these in my Inbox this morning (because I'm on sam.gov), and, although this isn't the first one I've received, this one got me riled up. I can't name the company that is (falsely) implying that they have been tasked by GSA to do an initial assessment of who should be on a 5-year GSA Schedule, but suffice to say they are trying to mislead you. Stay away from these types of easy offers. Getting business and schedules in the Federal space is not easy and it takes skill, persistence and sound business practices. You can do it, but please vet these offers very carefully when you receive them.

Written by Shaanon Lindauer — August 22, 2015

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