(July 22, 2015)  The SBA FY2014 Scorecard Summary By Prime Spend data is now available (Click below).  The  federal government exceeded its 23% small business contracting goal in 2014 $91,681,658,659 (that's Billion with a "B") in federal prime contracts going to small businesses.  We really think the pendulum is swinging toward more awards going to small businesses.  But you have to BID, BID, BID!  The Federal Proposal Experts offers support on a sliding scale, based on your business size.  You can afford to bring in the bid experts.  Just call to discuss your needs for expanding your contract portfolio.


(Link to Scorecard: https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/files/FY14_Scorecard_Summary_by_Prime_Spend_Subk_and_Plan_Progress_Scores_2015-05-04.pdf)

Written by Shaanon Lindauer — July 22, 2015

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