(July 16, 2015)  If you are new to Federal contracting, you may not be aware that we're heading into a ramp-up period of Federal agency procurement.  That means a firehose of RFPs will be released between now and September.  This is because agencies have been working on their procurement approach and packages (the RFPs) all year and they're running out time to get the procurement done in the Fiscal Year.  They have to hurry up and release these opportunities and spend their allocated budgets. What that means for you, the contractor, is BID, BID, BID!

Last year, Federal agencies released $142B in RFPs contracts during July, August and September. 

The Federal Proposal Experts recommend that you allocate some resources to opportunity searches on all the procurement announcement websites, not just FedBizOps. There are dozens and dozens of Federal agency-level procurement portals that announce opportunities long before they ever make it to FedBizOps.  

Here's a good little article on the "Black Friday" nature of RFPs released in the last Fiscal Quarter.


Written by Shaanon Lindauer — July 16, 2015

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