(March 4, 2015)  The Key (and non-Key) people you bid in your proposal can win or lose it for you.  You might have the greatest candidates in the market space, but if you don't take time to make that clear in the resumes you submit, you waste all that greatness. Every resume you submit should be formatted and written to highlight that your candidate meets (or exceeds) the experience and qualifications requirements listed in the RFP.  This is so important that large proposal teams will often assign a technical writer full-time to work solely on resumes. Format the resume to map to the order of the list of requirements in the RFP (i.e. education, experience with the Agency, work history, number of years working with the other people you're bidding, etc.).  Then, embed a cross-reference element (a little table with two columns can be effective) right at the top that shows how your candidate meets each requirement and put a little check mark next to each requirement met.  You can even get fancy and put a check mark and a plus sign for those requirements that your candidate exceeds.  This way, the evaluators can see in one glance that your candidate is highly qualified.  

The Federal Proposal Experts has an easy to use Resume Template in MS Word available on our Proposal Templates page that will help you achieve this. 

Written by Shaanon Lindauer — March 04, 2015

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