(July 28, 2014)  Receiving a high evaluation score with lots of strengths is the goal of your proposal. So, go for the points and strengths in the first paragraph of your proposal. Tell the evaluators immediately what your solution includes and how it will ensure the customer achieves the goals for the contract.  Then, for each major section (management approach, technical subsections, etc.) tell the evaluators the strengths in that part of your solution in the first paragraph or even highlight them at the top of section. Be sure to tie your strengths to the evaluation criteria.   For example, if the evaluation criteria is "Ability to Retain Qualified Staff," then you should tell them in the first paragraph something like, "Company ABC has a three-year retention average of 92%, which is 20% higher than the national average of 72% for technical services professionals." The bottom line:  Don't make the evaluators dig for your strengths. Serve it up on a platter right away!

Written by Shaanon Lindauer — July 28, 2014

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