(July 21, 2014) After many years of grilling former Federal Government employees who have served on Source Selection Committees (Evaluators), we have learned the following valuable information about how proposals are evaluated:

  • The most professional-looking proposal documents are put in one pile and the sloppy, poorly constructed proposals are put in another.
  • The Evaluators start with the professional-looking pile and determine if all the elements of the Evaluation Criteria (Section M) and Proposal Instructions (Section L) are in the proposal (a quick glance through the Table of Contents will tell you that!).
  • The Technical Approach is then evaluated looking for a consistent approach and overall low risk for the Government.
  • The Past Performances are evaluated last.
  • Price is evaluated by a different team. If it is a lowest-price technically acceptable procurement, Price is evaluated first and is the most important criteria. If it is best value, then Price is often evaluated last but is still a major determining factor.
So the bottom line is compliance and a professional looking document will get you in the right pile!

Written by Shaanon Lindauer — July 23, 2014

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